It is exciting passing by the Canopy Bridge since you higher seeing trees on the top and view animals in a close range. The hikes offer remarkable experiences depending on which animals you see. The colobus monkeys are amazing & if you have the time and money, do everything they have to offer. The guides are all friendly and extremely well informed. Nyungwe Forest famed for adventure trails is found in the southern part of Rwanda with, a series of mountain ranges beginning at the Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda and including eastern D.R. Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and northern Zambia. Contiguous with Kibira National Park in Burundi. Nyungwe is one of the largest mountane rainforests remaining in Africa and was rewarded as the high –altitude rainforest in East Africa.
The park has 13 primate species, 85 species of mammals and the tourist attraction in the park is Chimpanzee tracking. The chimpanzee permits cost 90$ and 60$for foreign residences. However, if you want to track chimpanzee for 2-3 days, the chimpanzee permit goes for 110$ and 95$ for foreign residences. This national park is so lush, teeming with wildlife, and there seems to be a beautiful surprise around every turn. Spend time hiking the trails, enjoying the various climate zones you encounter. Nature at its best!
Safari Accommodation/lodges in Nyungwe national park: The park has a wide range of accommodation which suit each and every budget they offer services a relaxing environment, Camp fire, the amazing soups, best stew, sunrise view from the eastern wing or sun set from western wing or just stand in the garden and feel the most admiring surroundings of Nyungwe forest plus heartwarming hospitality. They include: Nyungwe top view hotel, Nyungwe forest lodge/Gisakura Guest house

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