This is the main Gorilla tracking essential for every tourist to Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo for a life time Gorilla tracking experience. It’s advisable to book your Gorilla permit at least three months before the trek though some tourists book even a year in advance due to the high competition and permit demand year round. Any Gorilla tour booked with us is confirmed after acquiring a Gorilla permit for the client’s date of interest and we advise all our clients to pay for their Gorilla permits as initial deposit for the gorilla safari.

Gorilla permits are issued by the ORTPN in Rwanda and Uganda wildlife authority for Uganda allowing you to trek once and spend 1hour with the Gorillas in there locality. Gorilla permits are issued along with Gorilla rules as conservation regulations to be respected by every gorilla tracking tourist. Gorilla permits Cost $750 in Rwanda , $ 600 for Uganda during the high season while $450 for 2016 low season and Congo gorilla permits $400.We book Gorilla permits at no cost if requested by any tourist and also organize other tour essentials like transport and accommodation. However, you have to send us your passport bio data your full name and nationality and passport number the key information needed for Gorilla permit verification. Contact us   if you want to book your Gorilla permit through us or checking for availability, Mountain Gorilla habituation, Gorilla filming and videography in   Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

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