Today gorilla tracking is the world most thought of adventure in Africa in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo but all resulted from Dian Fossey passion for the endangered mountain gorillas. Despite the many challenges, Dian Fossey was able to set up a research center in volcanoes national park aimed at fight for the rights of the beautiful apes. The world most remembered primatologist used all tactics to destroy the traps of poachers under an anti-poaching campaign that she referred to as Active Conservation. She was convinced that without immediate and crucial action, long-term gorilla conservation goals would be hopeless, as there would eventually be nothing left to save due to high rate of poaching across the East Africa region. Even after the loss of her favorite mountain gorilla, Fossey never gave up her dream of saving the mountain gorillas the prime attraction in Rwanda for hundreds of Rwanda safaris each day. Digit was Dian fossey favorite gorillas that passed away in 1977 after being stabled with multiple wounds, and dip cuts including that which went away with its head. Sorrow surrounded fossey and her team that she ended up being too personal as she tried to scare off poachers with masks and threats of violence.

Digit death instead made fossey more strong and focused and also began a campaign for the public to support gorilla conservation. The campaign was done through conservation articles in National Geographic, Gorillas in the Mist book and through the primate move that blow the world mass called “Gorillas in the Mist”. A big audience was reached drawing attention of many across the world. Today the Dian movie became a smooth road for Dian Fossey Gorilla fund international that many people understand what gentle giants are and how great it is to meet them in their natural conserved home. Later Dian Fossey got a home and office in Musanze known as Karisoke Research Center. The reaserch center employs numerous guards and gorilla doctors to protect the mountain gorillas despite the absence of Diany Fossey who left us for another world in 1987 following her murder.Looking at Rwanda tourism and recent travel demands of Rwanda trips and safaris, Dian Fossey is one of the most unforgettableHeros, primatologists and researcher Rwanda and the world can never replace.It is widely believed the Gorilla population wouldn’t be in the numbers it’s in today without the devout work of Dian Fossey.

Tourists to volcanoes national park enjoy a scenic hike to Diany fossey Tomb adjacent gorilla cemetery in former Karisoke Research camp. The tomb is sited between the two Rwanda volcanoes of Visoke and Karisimbi. To start the Dian fossey hike, tourists drive for 3omunites from the park headquarters, and then meander for ten minutes before climbing down the forest which takes around one and half hours to three hours depending on the fitness of the travelers. During the hike several stops are made to admire the scenery and photography as you wait for the descending time. Many historical places are well kept and preserved including the old living quarters of Fossey that she nicknamed Mausoleum, sign posts, land marks and many others. Get great opportunities to see different bird species, monkeys and other forest habitats. The Karisoke trek costs $75 per person inclusive of the guides.Visitors interested in hiking to Dian Fossey grave should be at the park headquarters premises in the morning by 7,00am before driving to the start point. Permits are purchased at the park either in advance of the day for the trek. If you have booked a Rwanda safari to volcanoes national park minus the Dian Fossey hike, please add it on if time permits because she faced a challenge for you happiness today so you should experience the incredible hike in her memory.

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