Gorilla tracking adventure is a unique activity only done in Africa Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and trackers normally search for the outstanding rare apes in jungle and spend with them one full hour after the encounter. Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is done at Volcanoes national park, Uganda at Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park while in DR Congo at Virunga national park and kahuzi Biega national park. Do you want to do the Gorilla trek soon, its better you book your Gorilla permit at least 3months to the tracking date for high   season since the demand is too high based on first come first serve basis. If you lucky you can get a Gorilla permit on short notice that is if you book a few days to the trek.

In Rwanda you need a minimum of one day to track Gorillas by doing the one day gorilla safari which starts and end in Kigali on the same day while in Uganda if you starting your trip from Kampala the countries capital you need a minimum of 3 days two for transferring to either Bwindi or Mgahinga forest and one for the trek. DRCongo Gorilla trekking needs a minimum of two days that is you to start your tour from Kigali. But all in all I highly recommend Rwanda to all travellers with limited time. You need to sleep close to the Gorilla park the day before the trek but if you trekking in Rwanda it’s very possible to set off early morning from Kigali Rwanda’s capital and still make it for the trek.

Its only in Rwanda where Gorilla families are allocated on the day of the trek but the activity itself requires some fitness level in order to be able to hike the hills and also marvel in the bamboo forest as you search for the mountain Gorillas. However you need to be at the park headquarters by 8.30 am local time to meet other trekkers for Briefing or getting more information on how to move and behave with the Gorillas in respect of the park management conservation efforts. The Tracking always depends on where the Gorillas spent the previous night. The park rangers and guides guide you in the forest as you search for the apes. Trackers are free to ask questions about the forest flora and fauna and get a chance to see other forest habitants.

Being experienced trackers, they always guide you to a right direction, hikes become easy if you adapt to the forest environment. After meeting the Gorillas you will be allowed to spend one full hour with them as they entertain you in the wild. Photography is the main activity for every one through the one hour. Gorilla tracking can take 1-6 hours in Rwanda and 2-8 hours in Uganda which isn’t a grantee since you can see the Gorillas some time quite earlier than expected. All trackers are awarded with a Gorilla certificate a document which confirms that you have ever been in the jungle for the lifetime adventure. There are many Gorilla lodges and hotels found near different Gorilla parks and they cater for all budgets and the choice is yours.

For any Gorilla tracking tour you need to put on the right clothes, apply insect repellants to prevent insect bites in the forest, wear comfortable walking shoes/boots, carry enough drinking water, packed lunch/lunch boxes and also remember to charge your camera so that you don’t miss out on life time moments with the amazing apes. Don’t forget to book or secure a gorilla permit in time and also do Gorilla trek ant time of the year according to your convenience.

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