All guests to Rwanda need a Rwanda Visa a document which permits them to stay in the country freely and legally. Rwanda has several diplomatic mission offices in many countries worldwide where visa applications forms and submissions are done but if your country has no Rwanda diplomatic office, then you can request for a visa acceptance online which h is presented upon arrival for confirmation at Kigali international airport with cash payment of $60

Nationals who are free to visit Rwanda for a period of 3 months without a tourist visa include DR Congo, Hong Kong, Philipines, Mauritius, Singapore. Also East African Citzens are given a visitors  pass valid for six months upon arrival at no cost. However if you from USA,UK, Sweden, South Africa. New Zealand, Germany and Isreal ,the acquisation of a tourist visa is upon arrival without prior application at accost of $60 .But if your nationality doesn’t fall in the above mentioned countries ,we advise you to apply for a visa at least two months to the travel date.

Ensure that your visa application form is received after and for supportive documents of the invitation letter please attach your Confirmed tour itinerary and flight ticket in a PDF format in order your request to be considered. if you want to cross to other bordering countries Uganda, Congo, Burundi and Tanzania, still you need a tourist visa which can be obtained at the border crossing country offices at a relative cost.

Rwanda Visa application requirements include valid passport& other acceptable travel identification, Vaccination certificate especially the yellow fever and other outbreak diseases, enough funds to sustain you throught your stay in Rwanda and relevant details according travel reason. Besides no visa refund fee is given back to travellers who fail to visit Rwanda after applying and making payments. Also an allowance of five days is given to visitors after the expirely visa date in order to renew, exit or face legal actions .Feel free to contact us at incase of any question or help in your visa .Get more Rwanda visa updates on:

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