When making vacation decisions, many people face challenges and difficulties in terms of work commitment and responsibility but others find it easy and simple to be in any desired place of their dream at any time of day year or month. Rwanda welcomes millions of visitors every year at different times due to the appealing weather &great attractions that offer unlimited fun and joy. Rwanda is a year round destination in Africa that travelers enjoy every moment of their stay no matter when you visit. However, the country’s weather is divided into two seasons, Dry season (peak season) and wet season (low season).

Both seasons are good regardless of when you visit the country for either holiday or business. If you objective is to explore Rwanda’s culture, you will find the friendly, interesting people full of amazing beliefs and norms. Still those to the country for gorilla and chimpanzee trips, Rwanda offers the world class experience of both treks year round so feel free to visit any time. Among the many travelers to the country, mountain climbers and hikers should be always kin and conscious about the weather and season before getting around for rewarding hiking experience.

Dry season or Peak Season

Hot months are great to travel to Rwanda with excellent warm weather and climate watching it shine all day though sometimes it rain but still shine there and then. This happens during the months of June-September and December –March the time when travelers enjoy every minute of their stay and tourists on Rwanda gorilla tours and volcano hikes get the most desired experience of life because hikes are manageable as well as treks.

During this season Rwanda receives a wide number of guests including those on honeymoon holidays, primate lovers etc. You shouldn’t miss out a visit to Rwanda in these months because nothing but only fun holidays. If you to schedule your Rwanda holiday in the dry season, ensure that all trip essentials are booked at least a few months in advance to avoid  change of plan or even missing out the main core of travel. Rwanda gorilla treks are always on demand that getting a gorilla tracking gate pass becomes a night mare. Even other tour activities and accommodations get filled up first a good reason for one to place in his or her booking earlier enough. It would be wise to book your gorilla permit, accommodation and then make alternate changes or even add on other visits with in your trip schedules. Hiking trips to the active volcanoes and Rwanda volcanoes are best done during this time of the year because slopes and hills are dry and easily climbed. However, if volcanoes and mountain climbing adventures are your type, Rwanda is open during the dry season months.

Wet season or low Season

You may think tourists don’t come to Rwanda for trip during the low season but today it’s the order of the day. Somehow the weather patterns for Rwanda are dynamic that even in the wet season, the country‘s weather is warm and appealing though sometimes chilly with no showers.

Many Rwanda visitors enjoy their trips and adventures during the months of April-May and October- November because showers pour once and not daily. Besides even the country’s prime tour activity gorilla tracking is   fun for tourists who visit the park during the low season. Lately the demand for Rwanda holidays seems to be high in both low and high season and if you planning to visit Rwanda soon to see mountain  gorillas, wildlife , trek chimpanzees, birding, beach excursion among others don’t consider seasons but consider your experience after the entire vacation. Keep in mind that it may shower during the day or night but the experience you will get will be outstanding. If travelling by car the roads are good and mobility to other places of interest is always easy. Moving around Rwanda is very cheap by road other than air.

There are several popular day trip destinations near Rwanda’s capital where travelers get there questions answered about Rwanda. The one day Rwanda gorilla tracking tour in volcanoes national park and a city tour around Kigali city to explore the city genocides, museum and the beautiful clean city are the most done.

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