The best thrilling adventure you can on in Africa is Congo gorilla tracking in Virunga national park where part of the remaining mountain gorillas live as well as the world’s most active volcanoes Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira.The park is one of the first national parks in the African continent that was found in 1925 for mountain gorilla safety in the Virunga massif.Gorilla tours in Virunga are exquisite while chimpanzee trekking walks give you the opportunity to meet the man close cousins together with other forest wildlife. Unique like Bwindi and volcanoes, Virunga offers a wide range of tourist activities permitting visitors to explorer the well natural conserved attractions of East Africa.

However, its convenient location close to Rwanda and Uganda presently makes it easy for tourists to connect from one destination to the other hence being a peaceful national park that joins the three countries allowing animals to wander freely throughout.A visit to Democratic republic of Congo for a trip confirms the reason why Virunga is one of the most supreme gorillas tracking destination in Africa with quiet picnic sites, lodges and rare attractions all over the region.

There is plenty to see and do in the park from the excellent gorilla encounter that provide decade experience to guests as they observe the fascinating well habituated beautiful apes, trek the volcanoes and chill in the wild with the first moving primates the chimpanzees. The Stunning Congo live volcanoes trek sites are unforgettable. Besides they have the second largest lava lake as well as the most attractive dazzling look and rewarding hike that is found nowhere else on the African continent. When visiting Virunga be sure to try out volcano trekking the most rewarding out door with a night campfire and amazing photo shoots.

If you feel like taking on all the park activities, chimpanzee habituation or trek should be a must. These amazing treks provide not only beautiful rewarding experience but also the natural scenery and the incredible close encounters of wildlife and primates.

Those looking for further mountain climbing experience Rwenzori Mountain treks provide you with another new insight into other challenging hikes and treks. It’s one of the most significant mountain sites in East Africa.

Anew discovery in Virunga on May 30th 2016 was the birth of two baby mountain gorillas in Virunga Mikeno gorilla sector. These little beautiful creatures brightened the day for millions of people across the world especially those who love and care for primate life. With the plenty of breathtaking scenery, massive diverse range of primates and wildlife and sufficient fascinating activities of offer, Virunga National park is remarkable for any Africa holiday to Eat Africa.

What is the Best time to Visit Virunga National Park?

One can visit Congo any time of the year but volcano treks are most recommended during the dry seasons of June-September and December –March. However, for those looking at tracking mountain gorillas in Congo, it’s a year round activity and done at any ones convenience. You may choose to track gorillas during the dry or wet season provided you have the time to do so. Above all Congo weather is relatively good and tourists who visit the country don’t miss out anything as per their holiday program including animal viewing and encounter. Kindly pack right clothes, walking shoes, insect repellants and sun cream, hut no matter when you visit because it also showers during the dry season though it shines immediately. Besides, most Africa holidays are fun during dry seasons.

Virunga National Park Accommodation

At Virunga National park there is a wide range of accommodation to choose from depending on the level of comfort one needs. Visitors looking for quality and high-class stays a number of lodges are open and ready to serve you all through. Lodges are sited within the park boundaries so no need to worry about hectic morning and afternoon transfers. Lodges and camps cater for both luxury and budget travelers ensuring maximum care and comfort of every guest. Mikeno lodge, Bukima Tented camp, Nyirangongo volcano summit shelters and Tchegera island tented camp are one of the most used accommodations by guests to Virunga National park.


Mikeno Lodge

Imagine staying amidst Virunga national park attractions in a luxury perfect setting of Mikeno lodge sited in a one hour distance from Goma town. For those on a Congo gorilla tour, the lodge is just close to the park headquarters and most convenient for gorilla tracking start point. While at the lodge colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, blue monkeys and abundant wildlife are one the must see as you chill for an evening. Expect the best treat and experience as you explore the park’s main attractions, mountain gorillas, volcanoes and chimpanzee habituation.The lodge stunning views into the surrounding forest shaped with lava stones, shrubs and thick forest make feel like heaven on earth. The delicious meals can make you stay back for an extra day as you admire the style and décor of the Congolese tribe. Entertainment from the forest primates take away all the thoughts and worries of life making you start a new beginning in the wild. The place looks expensive but worth the price. The staff is lovely, beautiful grounds, rooms and spending a day here is just fun instead of boredom. The lodge’s rates per night are $316 for the single and $450 in a double.

Bukima Tented camp

The best accommodation for Congo gorilla tracking and for those who hate early morning drives to gorilla briefing point. Find the lodge at one of Virunga gorilla briefing points a place where rangers and other trackers gather in a tent for the day’s trek briefing as they warm up with a cup of coffee. Though it initially used to be a home for park researchers the camp offers excusive stunning views of mountains all around with decent pretty food and a lovely campfire at night which unit various guests,couples in the area for a particular cause. The hot water showers cool you off after the trek making your stay more interesting in wild setting. Its perfect location still draw guests who stay at Mikeno lodge to stop for a snack or lunch after the trek before driving back to their lodge. Besides, the employees take excellent care of their guests! I couldn’t recommend it more. The lodge rates per night are $316 for the single and $450 in a double.

Tchegera Island tented camp

The perfect place to escape the Goma city and also after climbing Nyirangongo volcano. The lodge is found off the north showers of Lake Kivu and outstanding for extra ordinary views of the lake and the four volcanoes. Guests at the camp enjoy viewing beautiful usual night sky that turns red due to the drama of Nyamuragira and Nyirangongo volcano. Birders find the camp their favorite because of the wide range presence of different bird species including cormorants, herons, African eagles and gulls. If your interest is chilling and relaxing, Tchegera Island tented camp offers the best treat including sea kayak ride as well as beach leisure times. Would highly recommend the camp for travelers after Nyiragongo hike because it has the desired therapy for leisure and relaxation. Tchegera island tented camp is affordable and fare priced compared to other accommodations in Virunga. The single room per night goes for $160 while a double for $215.

Nyirangongo volcano summit shelters

The calm quiet basic accommodation after a tuff beautiful hikes up on the volcano. Trekkers need to start the trek in good walking shoes due to many rolling stones along the way as you approach the rewarding ridge and incredible Lava.While here hired cooks prepares nice meals that make you feel fine and warm as you rest in the comfortable summit shelter on top of the volcano. Morning at the shelter is bright and provides nice views of the world being on top of everything except the cloud. Great experience to the shelter would definitely recommend though hard to hike the steep most of the time due to loose stones when going down. Fitness is a must because legs my ache or pain as you to try to make it to the top. Remember cold is on top so you need warm heavy jackets to manage the situation. The shelter rates here vary depending on the traveler’s interest.

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