Most Rwanda flights are operated by major airlines and agents who book air tickets and also fly through Uganda – Entebbe international airport or Kenya at Nairobi to the main Rwanda terminal Kigali Airport. Airlines include Rwanda air, Ethiopian Airline, Qatar Airways,Kenya Airways, Precision Air, KLM,South Africa Airways,Brussels, Air France,US Airways,Air Canada,Fly Dubai ,British Airways among others.For cheap Rwanda air fares, search online for updates and also compare different airfares offered by multiple airlines around the world. But we also book for our visitors Rwanda Air tickets upon request at no cost.

The cost of the round ticket to Rwanda is around $120-$250 though subjected to change at the time of booking. However if your travel dates are flexible you stand out to get the cheapest ticket on the cheap days of the month. Avoid last minute booking since Airfares are always high depending on the travel demand. It’s amazing to travel with people who paid the same airfares than those who paid less than you. It’s very easy to book a flight from USA to Kigali via London OR London to Kigali via Nairobi Using British Airways BA or Kenya airways from from London Heathrow to Nairobi

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