With the many Rwanda attractions and exciting adventures, golden monkey trekking is another popular tour activity done in volcanoes national park other than mountain gorilla tracking. Being subspecies of the blue monkeys, the attractive dazzling fur in colours of grizzled brown patches and red make them more attractive and amazing to look at as they play in between tree branches and green vegetation.

Looking at their back and dorsal parts tempt one to take photos in memory of their natural beauty. Tourists to Volcanoes national park enjoy tracking both mountain gorillas and golden monkeys during their Rwanda gorilla tour as a way of adding great times and moments on their Africa holiday. It’s something you wouldn’t miss out if given the opportunity to explore the gorilla land. There characters brighten each of tourists in the forest because there move in big numbers of 30-80 individuals usually led by one adult male. The females are ever curious defending the territory though the sad moment comes when the dominant male leaves the group after a while. Playing is part of their daily routine and its fun if spotted leaping in large numbers leaving tourists in wonders of who to take a photo shoot first.

Their encounter makes the forest floor occupied and colorful a long waited moment for all day’s trackers in the forest. Golden monkey treks in volcanoes national park have similar schedules just like mountain gorillas and both activity start in the morning with a briefing from the park rangers. The two habituated golden monkeys troops a second type of rare endangered species in volcanoes Rwanda have its home at the foot of Mt Sabyinyo and treks are very convenient for those on Rwanda  Rwanda gorilla safaris. Tourists on a golden monkey trek tour are grouped in small groups of eight and are allowed to spend one hour with the monkeys once found.

Photography is tricky but fun since the monkeys move fast and keep jumping tree to tree but the experience is too interesting. Golden monkey permits cost $100 per person per trek and can be booked in advance or the very morning for the trek. If trekking them with luggage is hard, start the trek with a porter to assist with the luggage weight to the end of the trek. Did you know that golden monkeys eat plant species, fruits and invertebrates and their favorite is the bamboo?. Ranger guides show you live examples of the golden monkey foods and nests during the days trek.

What shocks is their short breeding season of only five months and gives birth to single offspring born with fur and its eyes open. Researchers say females eat the placenta and then lick their young ones until when seen clean. The tender care female golden monkeys give to their young ones is just like that of humans because end only when another new offspring is born that is around 2year time. However, male offspring’s become independent from the group when they reach sexual maturity. For those looking at tracking golden monkeys, Rwanda and Uganda are the only countries with this exciting tour adventure.

The prime destination for golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga National Park for either one hour or all day habituation experience along with the forest researchers. While in Rwanda volcanoes national park is a prime destination with a wide range of golden monkeys and two ready habituated golden monkey families for tourists. Since the forest is home to numerous primates and wildlife a lot can be seen and admired. Just charge your camera and be ready for fun and happiness as you explore the beautiful parks in Africa.

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