A Must Bucketlist Apes and Primate safaris in Rwanda

Apes and Humans differ from all other apes because they lack external tails, and they are more intelligent with their survival instinct being defendant on learned behaviors over time. Human and primates share almost 98% of their DNA genetic make up which brings us closer to the primates. Rwanda is one of the main Destinations for primate treks in Africa with its Thick Rain Forest Jungles harboring a diversity of primates such as Mountain Gorilla in the Volcanoes mountain park, Chimpanzees and Monkeys such as the unique Colobus and Golden Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest park besides other Forest affiliated animals and bird species.

With a history of the inhuman Rwanda Genocide which almost tore the country apart, Rwanda has made tremendous strides in developing and conserving its Tourism industry and heritage sites making it a preferred destination in Africa with travelers making multiple travels to the same destination over the year.

Gorilla safari tracking is one main breath taking encounter experience, just coming face to face with the biggest primate in its Jungle forest with the Silver back Male watching closely over its family to protect it from any danger at all costs, taking those life catching memory photo’s as guided by the Tracking guides is worth the time and cost in Rwanda. Africa is the only destination for Gorilla tracking safaris in their nature wild and this is only available on the continent in the Thick rain forest Jungles of Rwanda (Volcanoes Mountain park), Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable Rain forest park and Mgahinga park) and DR Congo in the Virunga park.

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Primate tracking in Rwanda is one of the breaks you shouldn’t miss out while in Africa since it involves meeting new friends across the globe, walking and hiking in the beautiful natural bamboo forest and also observing Gorilla families (apes) in their nature wild habitat in the company of the park ranger guides who ensure that safety of every visitor as well as implementing the conservation rules and regulations of the Mountain Gorilla’s. Experienced ranger guides are assigned to different groups of trackers and all keep in touch with those who know exactly where the Mountain Gorilla’s spend a night a day before the trek.


As you drive off from Kigali city to the Volcanoes mountain park, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and hills of Rwanda with terraces conservation practices to mitigate erosion’s along the hill sides and with locals going on with their daily activities but friendly and beautiful people. French, English and Kinyaryanda are the main communication dialects to ensure your at ease including Swahili often spoken at that country side since it nears DR Congo and Uganda Borders. Rwanda gorilla treks end quite early depending on the particular gorilla family which one tracks so tourists utilize the afternoon by engaging in other park activities including culture and nature walks/hikes.

However there is no estimated time for Rwanda gorilla tracking tours because tourists are given a chance to request for either hard or easy gorilla families to track which results into different tracking duration but the estimated time is two to eight hours. It’s natural that Gorillas are still wild animals though habituated and can’t be found in one place, so the search continues for different tracking groups of tourists through the forest following the path made by the ranger guides. Sometimes sky’s open up for forest showers during the trek a fantastic experience for one to meet the Gorillas while wet and fresh. If your Gorilla family has babies, take a close look at mother Gorillas holding their babies too exciting and they care like humans. The juvenile always play around and when mamas notice that you getting closer they climb up the trees with their little’s as a way of protecting them from human. If lucky they may spend some times around on the ground as they plan for their next move. During the 1hour stay with apes in the wild, one gets a chance to see how hug the Silver Back Male Gorilla is as it gallops in the trees and grass.

If time permits on your side, you can enjoy other primate adventures such as Chimpanzee and Monkey treks in Nyungwe forest park and for Bird safari lovers its one main diversity affiliated forest to see various bird species too and forest water falls, Nature wildlife game lovers can opt for Akagera national park to sight the Big five and other wild game with amazing beautiful landscape that is breath taking and the meandering Akagera River as it traverse to Tanzania before emptying in Lake Victoria. Kigali city tour is a must for first time visitors not forgetting visiting the Genocide Museums that tell the horrible stories of the inhuman genocide of 1994 that left almost one million lives out of sight due to political intrigues. We learnt our lessons and we hope the future stands to unit Rwanda people together and the world too can learn from our progressing steps to amend our mistakes to live in harmony with one another. Rwanda is a small country and drives to connect to various heritage sites and parks is equally short in case your time cautious.

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