The Most thrilling trips to Rwanda

Have never seen an amazing adventure around the world like the Gorilla trekking escape in Rwanda which makes you get socked in both nature and the wild. When you bump into the giant silver back and the other gorilla family members as they play and talk to each other, it’s an exceptional unforgettable moment which I feel everyone should do at least once in a life span.

Other unique safari adventures in Rwanda – birds, snake, and monkeys move within the vicinity which makes you just feel like spending the all day in the forest following their movement as you grab memories in photography. Remember you bushwalk through the thickets bamboo Rwanda’s forest in the Volcanoes National Park, pulling yourself up a steep lava slope, foothold to foothold which makes your adventure more thrilling. Another exciting moment is when the sunlight streams through the forest canopy, the morning dew reduces and you enjoy the forest never than before.

Every tracker is allowed to be 30 ft away from the Gorillas but seeing the breasted female with the young baby gorillas as they play is too incredible experiences which make Rwanda the most favorite travel destination in Africa. You can never have great fun trip moments unless if you open your mind. It is an exceptional moment seeing a mother gorilla hold its baby as they play around the silver back, a true lifetime experience you will never find anywhere around the world except in Uganda and Congo.

The Gorilla trekkers gather at 7 a.m. at the park headquarters to be grouped according to the difficulty of their hikes. Gorilla families are allocated according to trekkers wishes-those who want to hike for long are given a gorilla family which is hard to find while those who feel can’t hike for long are given families which can easily be found. There are no trails but the route to where the gorillas are is just made by the park rangers. Hikes are not too hard to reach where the gorilla with some lasting just 65 minutes.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Don’t forget to establish a friendly touch in the nearby communities by taking on an afternoon community tour to ibwachu village where you will see languages and cultures cross into each other. Watching the Rwanda cultural group dance is another way of making your stay more entertaining and fun. No matter what your reasons for traveling to Rwanda could be but the countries rolling hills, great views and attractions can keep you busy and happy throughout your stay. Bring your camera, let it go and see it happen.

Rwanda Volcanoes

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